As a competitive endurance athlete it is important to build a strong support system to minimize the the risk of injury and hasten recovery. Finding the right combination of skill and knowledge can be a challenge, Debbie Fenton meets and exceeds this criteria. Since 2010 Debbie Fenton has not only been an integral part of my support network, but also to my athletic success.

David Rappleyea, 2:29:19 Marathoner and 2008 Rochester Marathon Champion

As a long distance runner, Debbie has been an important part of my training for the past several years. Recovery is an extremely important aspect of training, and Debbie has helped me achieve several personal goals by helping me stay healthy and recover better. In 2012, I was training harder than I ever had before in hopes of running a marathon personal record. As a result, my legs were extremely tight and sore from the daily punishment that I gave them. I actually was having trouble hitting my paces in workouts and was nervous about the race. A week before the marathon, Debbie worked on my legs, and she was able to get them feeling good enough to propel me to a personal best/PR (personal record). I definitely could not have achieved that goal without her help!

Matthew Roberts, Long Distance Runner

I have been receiving massages from Debbie Fenton for seven years. She continually goes above and beyond in her service. It is so relaxing to be in her peaceful energy while receiving a deep tissue massage for my chronic neck and shoulder pain. I appreciate her thoroughness and holistic knowledge of the human body.

Staci, Psychotherapist

I have been seeing Deb Fenton for massages for over a year. Not only is she extremely professional, she is experienced in therapeutic treatment. On several occasions I have had back problems where I have pulled a muscle and I get in to see Deb and she does an amazing job on making me feel better. She has a great personality and always makes me feel extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend her.

Debbie Kovacic,